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Physicals are the building blocks of great health and an essential part of pediatric care. At Las Vegas Pediatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mimi Kuriakose, MD, and her team offer routine physical exams in addition to specialized school and sports exams. Call or click today to find a time that fits your busy life. 

Physicals Q&A

Why are routine physicals so important?

Routine physical exams, commonly called well child exams, are the setting for your child to receive the preventive health care necessary to thrive. These exams include a quick assessment of your child’s physical and mental health, as well as developmental tracking. 

Vaccines are given during annual physicals, and provide your child with the building blocks needed to develop full immunization. As a parent, you receive professional information and guidance on topics related to your child’s health and wellness. 

Routine physicals offer Dr. Kuriakose the chance to identify potential areas of concern in the earliest possible stages. This is often when treatment is most effective. 

What if my child needs a specialized physical exam?

From time to time, your child may require a specialized exam. These exams are required by organizations before a child’s enrollment or participation can be approved. 

School physicals

School physicals focus on determining if a child is physically ready to attend school. They also strive to clarify whether a child has a health condition that might affect the health and wellness of other students. 

Sports physicals

Sports physicals are required in order to determine that a child is healthy enough to withstand the challenges of athletic training, practice, and play. Many youth organizations, in addition to school sports departments, require sports physicals prior to participation. 

Camps also commonly require specialized physical exams. As kids enter their teenage years, some employers might ask for a physical exam as part of the hiring process, especially when kids work as lifeguards or camp counselors. 

How should I prepare for physicals?

The best way to prepare for a physical exam is to spend some time thinking about what you hope to achieve from the visit. If you’re concerned about specific health topics, write your questions down to make sure nothing gets overlooked during the visit. 

If your child takes medications or supplements, be sure to bring in a list that includes dosages. If they’ve been treated for a serious health condition or mental health challenge, let Dr. Kuriakose know during the appointment. 

When you need top-quality physical exams, the team at Las Vegas Pediatrics is here to help. Reach out to the office online or by phone to set up a time to come in.