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Well Child Exam

Well Child Exam services offered in Spring Valley, Las Vegas, NV

Kids grow up fast, and they go through a wide range of changes along the way. Well child exams provide outstanding preventive health benefits for families in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, through the care of Mimi Kuriakose, MD, at Las Vegas Pediatrics. Booking a visit is fast and easy with online and phone connections possible. 

Well Child Exam Q&A

Why should I bring my child in for well child exams when they aren’t sick?

Far too many parents only bring their kids in to see a doctor once symptoms become unbearable. This approach fails to take advantage of all the benefits that preventive health has to offer. 

Well child visits focus on tracking your child’s development. Growth charting takes your child’s height and weight and compares them to statistics compiled from kids across the nation who share your child’s age and sex. 

This comparison makes it easier to see when a child falls outside of the norm. At that point, additional screening can be performed as needed.   

What happens during well child exams?

The initial part of the visit focuses on gathering basic information about your child’s health. This data goes into their personal medical record, which becomes a valuable health-tracking tool over time. 

If your child is due for one or more vaccines, those are administered during the visit. Immunization is an essential part of preventive health, especially for kids. 

There’s also time built into the exam for you to ask any questions you might have. Nutritional guidance is a common topic. As your child grows older, Dr. Kuriakose begins to include them in the conversation, empowering them to take control of their own health and wellness. 

How can I help a child who is fearful of well child exams?

Some kids develop a fear of medical settings. This can happen after watching a movie or TV show that depicts health services in a negative light, or after hearing about a bad experience from a friend or family member. 

No matter how your child’s apprehension develops, the team at Las Vegas Pediatrics is here to help. Every effort is made to make well child visits fun and rewarding. 

You can also look for a children’s book that focuses on going to see the doctor. There are options written for every age range, and many feature popular children’s characters. 

When the time comes for your child’s visit, rest assured they’re in the best of hands. Call today to book an appointment, or schedule using the simple online booking page.